shutupandtakemymoneyyyy asked: why is that? why are they only gonna play with the players who play in brazilian clubs?

This friendlies is like a competition.

It ended in 1976 but I don’t know why they wanted to start that again. Anyway they don’t said why they’re gonna call up players that play only in Brazil but I find it interesting to give a chance for Mano to see how these brazilian players that didn’t got a chance to be called up deserve to get a place.

And the name of the competition is ‘Copa Roca’ (Roca Cup)

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Information about Brasil x Argentina

So, as you guys know i’m posting this because we’re out of submissions because we’re gonna have two friendlies against Argentina next month.
It’s gonna be an interesting match because we’re not gonna have Daniel Alves, Julio C├ęsar and etc.
Only players that play in Brazilian clubs are going to be called up. Same with Argentina.

14/09 - Argentina x Brasil
28/09 - Brasil x Argentina

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so, i’m really bored.

you can start submitting.

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